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AlexI have access to the GTAV Dedicated Server pre-release. I will be setting up a server for us to start testing and programming to. GTAV RP here we come....
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Dibz   Awesome will love to test this feature alex!
CptKermite Modpack updated! See link for more details [link]
Tommo   Will deffo try to make it
Stylo   what time are you guys normally on?
CptKermite   After 6pm mostly. But atm we are waiting for the maaion to be fully ready.
CptKermite   created a new thread Scripts share in the General Chat forum
AlexAll servers including teamspeak will drop in and out of connection for the next few hours while I work on web server maintenance and testing.
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M1K3   When can we expect to get TS running again?
Alex   I was setting up IIS and mySQL so we can host web servers ect on the server. I will eventually transfer the modpack download server to the main server we use.
CptKermite   That's great!
CptKermite Modpack updated! See thread for more details
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CptKermite   correct link :sick:
Alex12 / 27 Spaces have been booked for this weeks GTAV event via the reddit post or our calendar system. Book your space now to guarantee a slot in the event.

Beach Theme Cruise - Sunday 17th 8pm GMT * /r/GTAV_Cruises
Title:** GTA V PC Beach Themed Car Meet Hosted by The Iron Brits with GTA V Drift Community **Date:** Sunday 17th May, 8PM GMT **Location:**...
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This looks interesting :sick:[link]
awsome James!
Kermite are you playing project cars right now?
All built last week Kermite, jsut got to add some finishing touches!
Yes for sure kernite! :sick:
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