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CptKermite I have made some progress on the Kunduz Patrol mission and the first release will be soon, probably just after the ACE3 release this month. Will create a thread as soon as i get some time over. Just finished a "Mobile HQ" script that works really well :sick:
AlexWe have a confirmed attendance of 25/30 people so far for tonights GTA V Cruise. I have reserved the last few slots. If you wish to attend please use the calendar system on our site.
AlexFor everybody who are awaiting some more Arma 3 Operations, we are currently taking a week off to enjoy the GTA V launch. You can expect to see operations back as usual starting next week.
CptKermite   Will create a new thread about the up coming TIB Patrol mission with some progress update :sick: Now with the new RHS update there will be alot of new cool stuff
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Yeah... it is really bad :(
The last few days has been a pitfall for PC gaming in general. A classic game being a step back _and_ Steam starting to sell mods.
Loads of stuff was cut [link]
Whats the new news about it?
Well I will not be buying Battlefront 3, the recent news is not good!
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