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AlexIf anybody is wondering what I am currently working on... I am putting together a application/website that will help units organise joint operations together.
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Dibz   Nice Alex, would love to see that going!
AlexThe new Arma 3 map is coming! [link]
Arma 3 - Tanoa Reveal Trailer
Take a first look at your next destination in Arma 3: Tanoa ...
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Alex   created a new thread The Iron Brits Newsletter - 15th June 2015 in the News and Updates forum
CptKermite I have been away for a while now because I have been putting all my time in to racing and streaming. I'm aming to go PRO in iRacing and have started building a racing cockpit with the obutto revolution.

Beacuse of this I won't have any more time left for Arma 3. I will still complete the mission's and keep updating it if its still interesting, but while have no room for playing.
Same goes with helping out as admin, so I will have to step down and leave it to someone else.

Will still be online on teamspeak and of course help out if there is anything.

Cya all around and thanks for all the fun!!

Link Description
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Revo   I guess the main reason why the Arma part of this community died is the lack of time people can spend on building and testing missions. I know what pain it is to build, test and maintain multiplayer missions with constant updates from modders and Bohemia themselves. So what I would suggest is to play some coop mission from other modders. For example
[link] Wolfpack Vol.1 and 2. It's an excellent campain and I would be glad to play with you guys again every now and then.

I guess the only problem left is, to find a date where everyone has time to play some Arma. I'm pretty busy with university, and I also stepped up as Admin in my German community (maintain the servers and modpacks), so events during the week are a no-go for me. But I guess I could find the time on Saturday or Friday evenings - given that enough people would come together.

Kermite, I would like to thank you for all the time and effort you've put into the missions and modpack maintaining - I'll miss helping you with scripting and stuff.

Wow.. that comment came out longer that expected
matchbox   Sad to see you go kermite but I wish you all the best in iracing! Thanks for all the help you have given me in the time I have known you and hopefully we will cross paths in the future.
CptKermite   Thanks guys, we all had some really good times! The iRacing season is starting tomorrow so will be on most nights and practice so cya all in the Racing channel!
AlexI have access to the GTAV Dedicated Server pre-release. I will be setting up a server for us to start testing and programming to. GTAV RP here we come....
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Dibz   Awesome will love to test this feature alex!
Bull.A   Will see you there my friends :sick:
CptKermite Modpack updated! See link for more details [link]
Tommo   Will deffo try to make it
Stylo   what time are you guys normally on?
CptKermite   After 6pm mostly. But atm we are waiting for the maaion to be fully ready.
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saw that aswell!! thats gonna be amazing
MY GOD! Final Fantasy 7 remake is happening
fine as well
I'm fine, you?
hey flip, how are you doing?... how are you all doing?
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