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Alex   created a new thread The Iron Brits Newsletter - 27th July 2015 in the News and Updates forum
Tommo   created a new thread General Arma 3 fun in the Media forum
AlexThe new GTAV update is out and dam are the cars looking cool in this update! Who will be getting this beast P1 look-alike?
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matchbox   I'd love to but I'm broke as sh*t. XD
AlexIf anybody is wondering what I am currently working on... I am putting together a application/website that will help units organise joint operations together.
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Dibz   Nice Alex, would love to see that going!
matchbox   Awesome. Can't wait for some joint ops!
AlexThe new Arma 3 map is coming! [link]
Arma 3 - Tanoa Reveal Trailer
Take a first look at your next destination in Arma 3: Tanoa ...
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Alex   created a new thread The Iron Brits Newsletter - 15th June 2015 in the News and Updates forum
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has there4 been any updates to the modpack
arma @ 20:00?
Blow some shit up? Hell, I wanna blow some ships up also. (whisper: ship mod pls)
what time we starting the public server night. im free from about half 7 tonight. lets blow some shit up :sick:
Public server tonight at 8pm anyone?
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